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Your “go-to”
company for payments experts

to source knowledge, time or people.
Experience makes the difference

Allyiz is in business to add the most experienced professionals of the payment and other related industries to your teams. We go beyond. We act as an engaged member of your team to deliver actionable results. With short missions from one hour to 14 days, we support you with knowledge, time or people to achieve your goals.


We are on your team

A flexible and pragmatic way of working

At Allyiz, we like to consider ourselves as a sparring partner. We adapt our work to deliver a customised service to your specific needs.

Our missions can take many different forms:
  • Workshops

  • Research & Survey

  • Audit & Analysis

  • Outsourced Services

  • One-off problem solving 


Allyiz Force

Allyiz Force helps companies to completely outsource the management of their payments, fraud prevention or marketing team.

Experts exclusively dedicated to your company
  • Managed payments experts team 

  • Managed risk management experts team

  • Managed marketing and communication experts team

We are Allyiz

Allyiz (pronounced allies) is the “go-to” company for payments experts for businesses who want to source knowledge, time or people.

The strong relationship we build with our clients inspired us to use this name.

It is made out of Ally, as a reference to the way we are on our client’s side to support where they seek knowledge, time or people...


...and iz which stands for the experts eyes bringing a fresh perspective and experience.

Allyiz distinguishes ourselves from consultancies by bringing the expertise and experience of professionals who have successfully run the function on the business side and have done it well many times. We run short projects and deliver actionable results.

The team
We are over 60 Allyiz Experts globally.


The Allyiz way

As Allyiz, we have our own way of doing things:
  • PASSIONATE doing our thing 

  • INVENTIVE challenging the status quo

  • ACCOUNTABLE getting things done!


Allyiz experts are everywhere

  •    Belgium

  •    France

  •    Germany

  •    Luxembourg

  •    Netherlands

  •    Spain

  •   U.K.

  •   U.S.A.

  •   Ireland

  •   Singapore

  •   Turkey

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