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Episode 10: Marketing in Payments / Fintech | Delphine Bos

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Listen in to this episode of the Payments & More podcast with host Nico as he speaks to professional men and women in the payment industry about their business domains and lessons they’ve learned.  Join the conversation as they shed new light on what is hot in the payments industry.


In this episode, Nico welcomes on guest Delphine Bos, who has 20 years of experience in marketing in the payment sector, shaping the visibility of some of the most well-known brands in the industry, such as Adyen, SafeCharge, Ingenico and GlobalCollect. Today we’ll discuss hot topics such as the Fintech movement in Amsterdam and discover Delphine’s best personal secrets.



As the conversation kicks off, Delphine tells the story of her involvement with the Adyen campaign that was displayed in Times Square. Then, she gives listeners her insight into creating a brand from scratch, which she says is like a personality. At the beginning of the journey, you must understand the psychology behind why the brand creators are passionate about what they’re doing and what they hope to achieve. You want to translate this spirit into a name and visual identity. With these major elements together, along with the content voice, the brand appears.


Then, Delphine explains how she and her team landed on the brand name Allyiz. She believes Allyiz to really be about being an ally to the brands they work for and a partner inside and outside of the company. As the name “Ally” had already been taken, Delphine and her team began playing around with words and settled on “Allyiz”, a name which combines the best two elements of the company: being both an ally and an external set of eyes.


Next, Delphine discusses the three key elements of a successful company in the payment sector. First, you really need to understand your customers. While data and research is important, there is also a more psychological element in this and have empathy for their perspective. Taking this information into account, you will need to anticipate where the market is headed. Then, you want to have a great copy to really fuel your company messaging. Listen as Delphine breaks down the qualities of good, helpful content. The market is highly dynamic and competitive, and marketing is a very powerful angle that companies should consider to maintain their position.


There are currently over 300 payment methods in the industry, but consumers are only using a maximum of four of these options. For a customer to be drawn to a new payment method, they need to feel it will add value in some way, either technical or a lifestyle choice. They discuss the new payment method Delphine worked with called Aplauz. Its innovation is providing a fair way to pay online without sharing personal data and information. The introduction of Aplauz is a statement for both the company and the consumers using it.


As a board member of French Tech in Amsterdam, Delphine often is on the forefront of new innovations. She notes the particularly relevant new movement Scale-Up Europe, launched by the French government. Its mission is to re-enforce corporations in Europe to have a strong startup ecosystem. The idea is to encourage European startups, because many of the biggest startups now are Asian or American. She is also observing traditional banking players contributing to these new technologies. Then, she highlights a few companies which are hidden gems in the space of financial technologies.


Don’t miss the golden minute, her personal failure, and her last words of advice as this conversation comes to a close. Finally, hear what initially drew Delphine into the world of payment and her recommendations for those interested in joining the industry.


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0:48 Nico introduces Delphine Bos

1:50 Delphine joins the conversation

2:27 Delphine’s work with Adyen

4:14 Delphine explains the process of creating a brand

5:52 How Allyiz came to be

7:40 How to determine if you are punching the best content for your brand

16:24 The importance of payment methods communications with consumers

18:32 Aplauz, a new prepaid payment method

21:05 What is coming in the world of payments?

22:59 Is traditional banking at risk?

23:50 Hidden gems in technology

25:30 Golden minute

28:00 How Delphine came into the payment world

29:57 Closing word of advice


About Delphine Bos

Strategic marketing top executive who has led the development of highly recognised payment brands including Adyen and GlobalCollect (now Worldline) and repositioned brands such as SafeCharge. Specialising in B2B Marketing & Communications, she helped key players build brand equity and market themselves successfully. Always going for a fresh and innovative approach, she integrates thought leadership content, PR, events and digital marketing into powerful aligned systems driving businesses successes. Delphine is a Doctor in Corporate Communications (CESLSA – Sorbonne University) and listed in the top European B2B Tech Marketing 100. She is also a Board member of the French Tech Amsterdam community and Partner at Allyiz.


Connect with Delphine on LinkedIn.



About Allyiz

Allyiz (pronounced allies) is the “go-to” company for payments experts for businesses who want to source knowledge, time or people. Allyiz distinguishes ourselves from consultancies by bringing the expertise and experience of professionals who have successfully run the function on the business side and have done it well many times. We run short projects and deliver actionable results.


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