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April, 2025

Event venue: Hospes Maricel, Palma de Mallorca


Payment Nomads is an exclusive, 3-day executive leadership retreat where a passion for payments innovation is at the forefront. The event brings together a curated mix of selected founders, executives, investors, and product innovators from around the world. 

What is Payment Nomads all about?

  • Unique Content: Delve deep into the subjects that will shape the future of payment solutions.

  • Creative Formats: Offer interactive and immersive experiences to explore fresh ideas.

  • Closed-door Dialogue: Encourage open and honest discussions in a confidential environment.

  • Unparalleled Connections: Connect you with a network of peers, mentors, and collaborators.

  • Unprecedented Insights: Drive the next wave of payment solutions through shared wisdom.

Delegates join by invitation only, but you can also apply by contacting us.

What Attendees Say about Payment Nomads

Sony, VP Global Payments, Fraud/Identity, and Decision Science

“I have attended many conferences over my decades in the industry.  Often, the biggest value I receive from those events are impromptu meetings with industry experts and key solution providers.  Payment Nomads is ALL ABOUT these types of interactions.  Sure,  Payment Nomads has a core agenda of thoughtful presentations, but when you couple the list of high caliber attendees with an amazing setting – it promotes deep and meaningful conversation on a very intimate scale."

Pictures of Payment Nomads Events
A big thank you to our special guest speakers from previous editions Toni Nadal and David Meca!

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